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Find out how easy it is for Cyber Criminals to get control of your Password.
Federal  SME Ombudsman, Kete Carnell talks about Password monitoring and the Dark Web

Just like your home, if  a Criminal has your key, they can walk right in............ undetected


If you don’t protect your Usernames & Passwords to keep them current and secure, a cyber criminal can digitally impersonate you and do enormous damage to your identity and your assets by accessing anything you can access  – your bank accounts; your credit cards; your friends details; your medical history........ everything.


If you have seperate credentials (Username/Password) for your work and those details are compromised, criminals can access all your employers details,  including their Bank Accounts; their Customer Lists, their intellectual property and their trade secrets.  Their business and your job can disapear in a heartbeat. 


But don't take our word for it -

check this out on the Australian

Federal Government's Small

Business Stay Safe website :













So how do Cyber Criminals get hold of your Username & Password?

Go to our HOME PAGE and review our Weekly Cyber Threat Updates.  Data breaches from large companies, governments and social media websites around the world are penetrated by International Organised Crime Gangs and State Sponsored Criminal organisations  on a weekly basis. These breaches haemorrhage millions of  Usernames/Passwords which reappear “For Sale” on the Dark Web for as little as $0.55c ($200+ for Children's logins).  


Here are the facts:

  • 62%* of computer users use the same or a modified version of the same password over multiple Login sites including logins from Work; Social Media; Retailers; Mobile Phones; Personal Computers; Websites etc, etc and the list goes on. (Do you?)

  • 55%* of all Cyber attacks worldwide target SME’s.

  • 80%* of successful attacks are from weak or exploited password entry.

  • Australian SME’s are second only to the US for the number of attacks.

  • Stalking of Children by Pedophiles using stolen Logins is escalating.

  • Australian breaches of medical data must be reported to the Government Privacy Commissioner or risk fines up to A$2 million.

  • The Cyber Crime platform is now a sophisticated defined market sector netting the criminal participants over US$ 1.4 Trillion annually growing to US$6 Trillion by 2021. 


Our US partners,  trawls  the Dark Web (using a combination of Artificial and Human Intelligence Resources) searching 600,000 websites, Chat rooms, Blogs etc in ‘real time’       24 / 7 / 365  to provide intelligence on compromised passwords to enable you to protect your  assets.


Join our list of Australian Government Departments, Peak Business Associations, Private Companies,  Private Individuals & Families  who rely on our critical monitoring services.