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Terms Of Service:

  1. Fee's for this service will payable in advance by monthly subscription or annually prior to the commencement of  Corporate or Family Credentials monitoring. 

  2. All subscriptions are for a 12 month period renewable automatically at the end of the term unless advised otherwise in writing by the Client.

  3. All Subscriptions/Annual Fees must be paid by a valid Credit Card prior to commencement.

  4. Corporate Clients subscription includes the monitoring of up to 10 personal Email Usernames/Passwords  belonging to Executives/Owners of the business account

  5. Corporate Clients have access to our Online Certification Questionnaire in Cyber Security Awareness for their Staff at no charge

  6. Should a nominated Credential (Username/Password) be discovered on the Dark Web belonging to the Client, the Client will be notified by Email within 24 Hours.  It is the Client's responsibility to change the password.

  7. If Avantia Corporate Services Pty Ltd or Avantia Cyber Security is unable to provide the service as described for whatever reason,  Avantia Corporate Services Pty Ltd agrees to suspend payment for the service until restored or refund any sums of money paid in advance after a written request from the Client. 


Limitation of Liability:

  1. Avantia Corporate Services Pty Ltd is entitled to recover, from the other party, its reasonable legal fees and costs incurred should there be litigation or arbitration in proceedings related to this matter. 

  2. This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Queensland, Australia.

  3. The Client understands and accepts that Avantia Corporate Services Pty Ltd, Avantia Cyber Security or its Officers or Agents give no express or implied guarantees, warranties or conditions and that Avantia Corporate Services Pty Ltd,  Avantia Cyber Security or its Officers or Agents accept no liability for indirect damages arising out of or relating to this service.  Avantia Corporate Services Pty Ltd,  Avantia Cyber Security or its Officers or Agents liability is limited to the amount paid or payable to Avantia Corporate Services Pty Ltd for the product purchased for the service over the previous 6 months if proved negligent in a Court of Law.

  4. The Client understands and accepts, by the payment of the service, that no monitoring service or software product can fully protect them from digital theft.

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