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Online Cyber Awareness Training provided FREE for Business Clients.

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Our Cyber Security Awareness Questionnaire is a simple online multiple choice questionnaire written in plain English (not 'techno' speak) suitable for all employees of an organisation from management to administration, sales, reception, contractors, logistics or anyone else who uses your computers network. 

"Businesses without a Cyber Security Education Program for their staff are unlikely to survive the next decade"


The questions have been written and reviewed by experts in the Cyber Security field from Universities, Cyber Research Laboratories, Cyber Security Industry Developers and Government  Consultants who operate  in this space.


The  Business threat has now shifted from random individual hackers to organised crime cartels and state sponsored groups on an international scale who are targeting businesses in the developed world as we become totally dependant on digital engagement for daily business or organisational operations. 

Taking 20 - 30 mins to complete the Avantia Cyber Security Awareness Questionnaire uses simple multiple choice questions to develop the candidates knowledge to a level of awareness appropriate for the increased threat level we now face.

At the completion of the questionnaire  candidates will be given instant feedback as to their results. Insight will be given into incorrect answers.  Candidates who achieve a 75% + correct answers will be able to download a print ready 'Certificate of Cyber Awareness' for their records. 


Candidates registering less than 75% can re-do the test up to 10 times to achieve a satisfactory result. 


Certification is valid for one year only as operational activities of cyber criminals evolve and the threat landscape changes.

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