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The Essential 8 Auditor program is a ‘defense-grade’ digital online auditing system that provides an objective, quantitative measure of an organisation’s cybersecurity maturity level at a point in time to determine and highlight any gaps in its key cyber defense strategies. It is a system used by many Federal Government Departments and Large Private Companies as part of their compliance protocol.


By partnering with Huntsman Security to address the needs of the SME marketplace, Avantia Cyber Security are now able to utilise the Essential 8 Auditor program to remotely measure an organisations cybersecurity risk in real-time and generate a detailed Certified Cyber Audit Report.  Certified Reports quantify an organisations 'cyber maturity' against the 'Essential8' framework with the guidance of what needs to be fixed to be compliant without disruption to operations.


All reports are Certified and ‘Confidential’ for the client only and require access to their server’s (physical or cloud-based) active directory running on a Windows platform.


The Essential8 (E8) Framework was developed by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD).  It is a prioritised list of practical security controls that organisations can implement to make their organisation’s information more secure.  They have been found to mitigate up to 85% of cyber attacks.

Avantia Cyber Security partners with Huntsman Security to address the needs of Australian Small to Medium Enterprises (SME). Developers of the Essential8 Auditor program, Huntsman Security , is the trading name of Tier-3 Pty Ltd whose technology heritage lies in delivering a key foundation stone of the cyber security risk management, monitoring and response capability in some of the most secure and sensitive environments within the intelligence, defense and criminal justice networks across the world, where Huntsman Security solutions are deployed and accredited to the highest security levels. 

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